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In Home & Apartment Living Care Services


Take a look at the different services we offer. The goal of R&K Support Services is to meet the hopes, dreams, and needs of the clients.

In-Home Care


The listed services are available to individuals, according to the specific needs and desires of the individual. We offer in-home services anywhere within the Metro-Milwaukee area.

Apartment Living 


We design an apartment setting to fit the needs of the individual and can offer services (not limited to this list) to ensure the best possible independent living situation. We offer various apartment locations in the Metro-Milwaukee area.

Services Available

Experienced, professional, caring staff who teach and involve individuals in the daily routine

  •   24-hour staff coverage  

  •   ADL Assistance: bathing for individuals who need 24-hour access to staff  

  •   Nurse on staff  

  •   Meal planning and grocery shopping  

  •   Personal shopping, home décor  

  •   Develop and encourage social development, activities, and hobbies  

Community Integration

  •  We assist individuals with independent living in the community of their choice 

  •  Securing an apartment and furniture which is affordable and acceptable to the client  

  •  We assist with the shopping and decorating of their choice, to ensure the client feels at home  

  •  Roommate matches for affordability and companionship   

Medical Management and Medication Monitoring

  •   Schedule, arrange transportation, attend and record medical appointments  

  •   Communicate closely with physicians to ensure the best healthcare  

  •   Nurse on staff to monitor health status and medication as needed   

  •   Assist clients with understanding medical issues and questions  

Case Management consulting and referral

  • Consultation services to ensure service delivery is integrated and meaningful for each client  

  • Liaison with case manager, vocational/educational agencies, recreational / leisure agencies, and ensuring effective communication   

  • Regular contact with other team members and family Annual ISP (Individual Service Plan) meetings and reports, and quarterly updates   

Financial Management

  •   Ensure sound financial management   

  •   Pay bills   

  •   Balance accounts  

  •   Tax preparation   

  •   Banking  

  •  Assistance with savings and investment accounts  

  • Weekly budgeting


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